My Poetry 


Tell ‘Em


Tell em’ my story, tell em’ your story, tell em’ our story

Tell em’  how we made it together let it be known

That it was me who rescued you by giving you the gift

That set your mind free.


Tell em’ of my hardships, tell em’ about your hardships

Tell em’ bout our hardships so they will understand

The strength we have gained together.


Tell em’ I was there with you when you walked

Those countless miles tell em’ bout the fire I kindled

Within you which told you that it was time to have

Your soul dipped into the water just so I could clean you up.


Tell em’ I was there with you when they stole your family

And threw you out with nowhere to go

Tell em’ it was my strength mixed with your determination

That allowed us to never quit.


Tell em’ about the shame others tried to place on you

By throwing dirt on the name, I gave to you I know you'll

Always remember and never forget that I was there

When you were forced to wear the chains not just the ones

Given to by your family but also the ones placed on you by the cops.


Tell em’ I led you to the book that changed your speech

Thus reminding you that I died so you could be set free

Tell em’, tell em’, tell em so I will know that you aren't

Ashamed of the story that we made together.