B i o g r a p h y


I’m a poet, a photographer, but most importantly an innovative artist.

Today, I am known as one of the top 200 of 20,000 poets. The reason why people love my poetry is that I have been blessed with earned knowledge on how to turn pain into love it for this reason that I had the honor of becoming 2012’s Best Poet. I now own an art company called Art By Tovias as well as a clothing brand called Lanky Bois.

Due to the hardships I faced and the obstacles I had to overcome the only option for me was hard work, and I had to learn the hard way that there are no shortcuts to success. During my period of transitioning, God taught me how to become an assiduous individual.

It wasn’t easy and I did get lost along the way, especially when I lost one of my children to S.I.D.S. Pain, sorrow, and depression washed over me I didn’t think I would ever get back up again. However, that is when God stepped in a gave me a choice between the pills I was taking or the pen I now use to write with. Long story short I choose the pen and that was my lifeline that pulled me out of my mental struggles. I managed to obtain a GED as well as my AA while being homeless. My toils in life, have taught me how to develop great faith and I am a firm believer that hard work always pays off. That’s why I have dedicated my pain to my artistry. 

I’m honored that God trusted me with these talents, proud of my skills, my work, but most importantly I am proud of how far God has allowed me to come in life!​