Books By The Prolific Penman


An Outward Expression of My Inward Love


This book is dedicated to the love of my life. To me her heart was a star that started off in the distance as something that I thought I could never touch. However, the moment I changed the way I thought was also the moment I changed the direction in which my life was headed. This also started me on a journey for that far distant star called her heart. The voyage has matured me in more ways than even she or I could have ever foreseen. I have had to deal with issues that I had been running from for a long time. I dealt with them out of love for myself as well as out of the love I felt for her. I hope that by reading this that she will see that I know and understand just how painful and beautiful growth can be, and it is also my hope that she will open her eyes, heart, and soul at the same time so that God cannot only heal her but also show her the hidden mysteries behind the driving force called love. And I would like to take, you, the reader along for the journey.

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Improv Poetry


The things that will be spoken here come from the images and things that I see as well as hear. These object or random conversations spark something within me and force me to write on the spot. This has caused me to look at my poetry in a different way thus making some major changes. The thoughts shared here are special to me I hope they will become special to you. What You Mean I have no words to say I have no lips to speak Such sweet words so Take this rose I hope it Helps you to see just What you mean to me.

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